Why Sustainable Accounting

August 16, 2022

Why did we decide to become accountants that are Environmentally friendly? I think there are many reasons but the core of it is it's important to us and we wanted to give businesses who are working so hard on their environmental journey an option to work with an accountant on the same journey. 

We work really hard to use the same environmentally friendly practices that we use in our personal lives and in our business lives. I have worked for 20 odd years in accounting and one of my main bugbears was the giant printers that spent their days printing paper. Accountants traditionally have printed everything, sending accounts to clients on printed paper that were just handed back to you the next financial year. Then there was the paperwork that was brought into the office, printed copies of emails that had been sent, it all felt so wasteful. So when we started Enviro Biz Solutions the first thing we did was ensure all processes were paperless, so we do everything remotely and with no paper.

The next step was to then look at travel, now this is something that living rurally we do on a regular basis. I would love to say that we get around on electric bicycles or using horse and cart but we don’t, practical reasons mean we travel in a vehicle. Living rurally you try to plan your trips anyway and get as much done in one trip as possible. Work is no different. I removed the element of everyday travel to an office and decided to focus fully on remote working. Appointments sometimes happen with my local clients and get tied in with other reasons for travelling to reduce how much we drive the car. 

Working remotely also gives us the chance to control the type of resources we use for example electricity. Because we run the office from our personal home and we run on Solar and Grid Electricity, this means the office also uses renewable energy in that it uses Solar first and pulls from the grid when needed.

We have made other discoveries along the way, who would have thought that a Website could be more environmentally friendly or use data centers that are using renewable energy and tracking their carbon footprint as well . . . but this also comes into it.

Stats for the website

  • We have a GREEN WEBSITE, designed to be data-light.
  • It's hosted on servers powered using renewable energy
  • 0.37g of Carbon Dioxide is produced every homepage view
  • An average website produces 4.61g of CO2 for every page view

Other efforts we make are being aware of where our purchases are made, trying to select companies where practical that are on a similar journey as us. 

There are areas where we still struggle, disposal of old computer equipment is one and we are still working on a plan for this . . . one step at a time.

As with our personal life as well, we aren’t capable of doing it all at once, we are just working on one step at a time and are always open to suggestions.

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